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Not necessarily. There is certainly issue that aspect outcomes from the vaccine to avoid coronavirus sickness 2019 (COVID-19) could be mistaken for breast cancer on a mammogram. But that isn’t going to imply you really should cancel your mammogram if you’ve gained your vaccine. Alternatively, contact the facility exactly where your mammogram is scheduled to talk to for guidance.

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The vaccine that prevents COVID-19 can trigger swollen lymph nodes beneath the arm in which the shot was presented. Your lymph nodes are portion of your body’s germ-preventing immune technique. The inflammation in the lymph nodes is a indicator that your body is responding to the vaccine and making up defenses against the virus that causes COVID-19.

Breast most cancers also can result in swelling in the armpit if most cancers cells spread to the lymph nodes.

Some health treatment suppliers are worried that getting a mammogram soon following vaccination may possibly lead to unneeded be concerned about swollen lymph nodes. For that reason, some have advised waiting around four to six months immediately after your final vaccine dose ahead of getting a mammogram. That way, any lymph node swelling triggered by the vaccine has time to go away.

Other people, which includes Mayo Clinic, endorse that mammograms proceed as scheduled. But be certain to tell your health care provider about your vaccination, the date it occurred and which arm was afflicted. This information and facts will be valuable for being familiar with the mammogram images.

If lymph node inflammation is found on your mammogram and you have not long ago been given the COVID-19 vaccine, the radiologist who interprets your mammogram photographs will contemplate this when recommending no matter if extra imaging or comply with-up is needed.

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