What do you know about kidney stones? – Mayo Clinic News Network

March is Nationwide Kidney Thirty day period, which makes this a fantastic time to understand more about kidney stones.

Kidney stones are hard deposits made of minerals and salts that variety within your kidneys. Food plan, surplus entire body weight, some clinical disorders, and selected supplements and medicines are among the the lots of triggers of kidney stones.

There might be no indicators or indicators of a kidney stone right up until it moves around in just your kidney or moves into your ureter, but passing kidney stones can bring about extreme suffering. If a kidney stone will become lodged in the ureter, it could block the stream of urine, and cause the kidney to swell and the ureter to spasm, which can be quite agonizing.

Other indications can include improvements in urination, such as a persistent have to have to go, a need to have to go additional routinely or urinating a lesser amount than common. There also could be alterations in your urine, which includes a adjust in colour to pink, red or brown, or your urine could turn into cloudy or foul-smelling. You also could encounter nausea, vomiting, and fever and chills if an an infection is existing.

Understand far more about the kinds of kidney stones, aspects that may possibly enhance your risk of building them and when you need to seek instant health-related consideration.