Understanding the link between chronic stress and depression – Mayo Clinic News Network

Depression is a mood problem that causes a persistent experience of unhappiness and loss of fascination. It affects how you come to feel, imagine and behave, and it can guide to psychological and bodily issues.

It is not known specifically what brings about depression. A lot of components may possibly be involved, including genetics, mind chemistry, hormones and inherited traits. Continual nerve-racking life predicaments can raise your possibility of establishing despair if you usually are not coping with tension perfectly.

Stress alone is not abnormal or terrible. Instead, anxiety is a typical psychological and actual physical response to constructive or detrimental situations in your existence, such as a new career or the demise of a loved one. What is vital is how you deal with tension.

Study more about the relationship among melancholy and stress from Dr. Daniel Hall-Flavin, a Mayo Clinic psychiatrist.