The silent defects of congenital heart disease need lifelong surveillance – Mayo Clinic News Network

Young children and older people with congenital coronary heart ailment need sophisticated, multifaceted treatment for continued survival and high quality of life. 

“These heart flaws may perhaps be silent when a boy or girl is born and could possibly only area as the person receives more mature,” states Dr. David Majdalany, a Mayo Clinic cardiologist. Dr. Majdalany adds that numerous patients who had been born with a congenital coronary heart ailment endure an intervention of some kind and they believe points are set. “They assume they have no more require for cardiac surveillance, so they drop off the radar of obtaining adopted mainly because they truly feel so excellent,” suggests Dr. Majdalany.

In this Mayo Clinic Q&A podcast, Dr. Majdalany addresses the difficulty of being pregnant for women of all ages who have congenital coronary heart ailment. He also facts the intricacies and seriousness of congenital coronary heart condition, emphasizing the need for great transitioning from pediatric care to adult cardiovascular care.

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