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With a overall duration of up to 5.5m, the tiger shark is just one of the biggest predatory sharks regarded nowadays. This shark is a cosmopolitan species taking place in all oceans all over the world. It is characterised by a striped sample on its again, which is nicely marked in juveniles but generally fades in older people.

An international crew of researchers led by Julia Türtscher from the University of Vienna examined the fossil file of these apex predators and found out that modern tiger sharks are more mature than beforehand believed and that numerous tiger shark species existed in earlier in contrast to the single species living right now. The success of this study are published in the journal Paleobiology.

The fossil history of fashionable sharks reaches back to the Permian, about 295 million yrs back. Complete fossil shark skeletons are extremely unusual — the skeleton, which is made up virtually totally of cartilage, is only preserved underneath quite unique instances throughout the fossilization processes. Due to the lifelong steady tooth substitution, most extinct sharks are consequently only regarded by their nicely-mineralized tooth, which, even so, can provide deep insights into their evolutionary history.

The tooth of the contemporary tiger shark are exclusive: they have a wide, double-serrated cutting edge which even lets them to reduce by sea turtle shells with ease. Tiger shark enamel are recognised in the fossil report because about 56 million decades. Centered on these fossil tooth, in excess of 22 extinct tiger shark species have been described.

An worldwide staff of researchers led by Julia Türtscher from the University of Vienna has now examined the fossil historical past of the tiger shark and its extinct family. With the enable of geometric morphometrics, the scientists were ready to show that only 5 of the 22 acknowledged fossil tiger sharks essentially stand for legitimate species. Nevertheless, tiger sharks have been more assorted in the earlier and only a single species survived till now.

Yet another intriguing detail in the tiger shark fossil record emerged in the course of this research. Up to now, it was assumed that the fashionable tiger shark originated ca. 5.3 million several years back. The staff, on the other hand, was in a position to establish various 13.8 million 12 months old fossil tooth as belonging to this shark demonstrating that it originated significantly earlier than earlier assumed.

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