Nutrition challenges for seniors – Mayo Clinic News Network

March is National Diet Month, which makes this a very good time to learn additional about the specific diet worries experiencing seniors.

Great nutrition is crucial to over-all health and well-staying. However a lot of older grownups are at risk of inadequate nourishment. Changes in taste, odor and urge for food frequently drop with age, creating it more tricky to take pleasure in taking in and manage standard feeding on behaviors. Other variables involve disease, drugs that have an effect on urge for food or nutrient absorption, limited diet programs and social isolation.

Malnutrition in more mature older people can direct to many health considerations, which includes a weak immune procedure and increased possibility of infections inadequate wound healing and muscle mass weak spot and decreased bone mass, which raises danger of falls and fractures.

Understand much more about the diet issues struggling with seniors, and how you can enable, specially as a household member or caregiver of an more mature adult.

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