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There are quite a few leads to of head and neck cancers, and therapy is sophisticated. And 1 of the quickest increasing demographic of cancers in the U.S. is human papillomavirus (HPV) in young people today, states Dr. Daniel Ma, a Mayo Clinic radiation oncologist.

“This is a treatable disease,” suggests Dr. Ma. “It truly is a sickness which is quite responsive to radiation, chemotherapy and operation. And it truly is one particular of those illnesses, because the sufferers are youthful, that there is a great get rid of level.”

Dr. Ma suggests cure for the various head and neck cancers needs health care coordination. “It is where limited collaboration involving an ENT (ear, nose and throat) surgeon professional medical oncologist who offers chemotherapy, and a radiation oncologist, like myself, who presents radiation or X-ray treatment plans, is very important for the success of the cure.”

In this Mayo Clinic Q&A podcast, Dr. Ma describes the many signs or symptoms and obtaining a diagnosis, and he talks about Mayo Clinic’s Oropharynx Cancer Clinic, which he says is the first such multidisciplinary clinic in the place. Dr. Ma also explains innovations in cure like more recent radiation methods, including proton treatment, and far more minimally invasive surgical methods.

Check out: Dr. Ma discusses the elaborate treatment of patients with head and neck most cancers.

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