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Esophageal most cancers occurs in the esophagus — a prolonged, hollow tube that operates from the throat to the tummy — and can arise wherever together the esophagus. Adult men are a lot more very likely to produce esophageal cancer than women. When treatable, esophageal cancer is rarely curable.

“It can be an uncommon most cancers,” claims Dr. Shanda Blackmon, a Mayo Clinic basic thoracic surgeon. “But it can be a person of the deadliest cancers we know.”

Dr. Blackmon suggests survival rates are enhancing, but lots of folks really don’t recognize they have esophageal most cancers until it can be in the state-of-the-art stages.

In this Mayo Clinic Q&A podcast, Dr. Blackmon discusses the pitfalls, results in, signs or symptoms and innovations in treatment plans for esophageal cancer. She also explains what people can hope with a diagnostic endoscopy and describes a new method at Mayo Clinic that includes dropping a sponge down the patient’s esophagus.

Check out: Dr. Blackmon discusses challenges, brings about, indications and therapies for esophageal most cancers. out?v=SRVUqLQvO-Y

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