Boobs Lifter Tape Is Changing Women’s Lives

Every wanted to go strapless but did not have the confidence?

The Boobs Lifter Tape by Classy Sassy is changing all of that.

Our Boobs Lifter is medical grade tape made particularly for your skin Use our Boobs lifter tape to raise, individual, flatten, improve and make your strapless outfit stand out in a crowd
Just measure, cut and tape your A-EE  breasts  for just about any attire or event with the large roll of nude shade and unobtrusive boobs tape lifter.

Boob Tape / Boobs Lifter Tape is the authentic breasts tape designed to lift up the boobies and keep them their without the need of a bra.

If the chest is placed within the preferred placement boobs lifter Tape can make cleavage on the bust and also producing support underneath apparel to ensure that there is no need to wear a bra that can allow the boobies to be elevated which includes the identical suppleness for your skin area.

Booby Tape is strong enough to back up your boobies and shift naturally perfect underneath difficult clothes things.

BoobTape will be the initial breasts lift up tape. For quite some time now superstars are already taping their breasts using the likes of masking tape and duct tape. These tapes are unpleasant to eliminate and absence the effectiveness of Booby tape. Boob tape is definitely the original breast tape made to be friendly on skin area, and it has the power to keep in the largest of busts where you want them. The secrets with Boob Tape is all within the adhesive! It’s formulated to support the biggest of breasts using a very solid hold!

The important thing feature of Boob Tape is it can be purchased in a roll and you will trim your personal size according to measure to lessen waste materials. Do you notice other products in the marketplace proclaiming to lift up busts usually do not actually support the busts sufficiently? Booby Tape provides the power to hold breasts and the durability to very last all night.

It will depend on the actual size of your breasts. If you have a bigger bust you can expect to demand much more Booby Tape to secure your breasts inside the preferred placement. For small busts, or boobies looking to produce cleavage you may find that you need significantly less tape compared to a larger busted woman. Each roll of tape is 16 feet long by 2 inches wide.

Our recommendation is that you do not apply any moisturizers or lotion on your skin before applying.

Our Boobs Lifter  Tape is hypoallergenic.  Always test a small piece of the boob lift tape on the underside of your breast to make sure your skin has no reaction.

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